Co-curricular and Extra co-curricular activities

The school organizes number of co-curricular activities throughout the year such as dramatics, dance, music and singing, debate, extempore, painting, drawing and clay modeling etc.


Suditi Global Academy offers equal opportunity to each child to develop all-round developmental facilities to excel in various spheres of knowledge, activities and experiments. Religious and Moral education form an integral part of the curriculum. \"Healthy Competition is the integral part of learning. It brings out the best in pupils and provides them with opportunities to shed off their inhibitions.\" Co-curricular activities are inseparable part of school education. Games, Sports Cultural Activities, Excursion, Art and Craft Dance and Music, Work Experience, Seminars, Dramatics, Elocution, etc. are a part of our syllabus. Social and useful productive work finds a significant place in the School Curriculum.

Value Inculcation

We understand values as a person’s sense of right and wrong or what is ought to be.Values influence attitudes and behavior and are the basis of ethical action.Personal values define the character of an individual and people with high moral and ethical values shape the society. Values are principles that drive behavior. They influence our actions and attitudes that become our frame work for living. We help the students to inculcate the values of goodness in them.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills raise the self esteem of a student. In the present day global markets communication skills are considered to be the essential skills of real life. In SGA we take special care to teach all the skills of English language. English conversations are mandatory in our school.

A direct communication concept

SGA is adopting the latest techniques for providing the education to its students. Stucare solution is one of its chief ingredients. Important information is conveyed to the parents in the form of messages or voice calls.

Physical Education and Activity

They form an integral part of everyday routine and are structured to specific age group. It is compulsory for all and introduces the children to a variety of games and activities in order to develop their fitness, physical skills, versatility and a sense of fair play. Qualified and competent instructors are appointed to take care of each game, to train and supervise the students. To…

Safety and Security

Ex army men are appointed to look after the securities of the school premises. Only guardians/parents or persons delegated by the parents are allowed to escort the students from the school or visit them at the specified time scheduled by the school management. No person is allowed to meet his/her ward after 5 P.M.

Holistic Learning

A child’s mind is boundless, his/her imagination is unlimited, so he/she is encouraged to search, seek, probe, investigate, raise questions and to his/her experience each day. Our curriculum supports and empowers to implement a learning program focused on holistic learning and academic excellence.